Kevin Carey’s Poem Featured on The Writer’s Almanac!

“Reading to My Kids” by Kevin Carey from Jesus Was a Homeboy featured on Garrison Keillor’s Show!

Jesus Was A Homeboy cover Kevin Carey

CavanKerry Press author Kevin Carey’s “Reading to My Kids” was featured on the Garrison Keillor’s Show!

Read the poem “Reading to My Kids” by Kevin Carey below.

Reading to My Kids” by Kevin Carey

When they were little I read
to them at night until my tongue
got tired. They would poke me
when I started to nod off after twenty pages
of Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket.
I read (to them) to get them to love reading
but I was never sure if it was working
or if it was just what I was supposed to do.
But one day, my daughter (fifteen then)
was finishing Of Mice and Men in the car
on our way to basketball.
She was at the end when I heard her say,
No, in a familiar frightened voice
and I knew right away where she was.

Head over to Writer’s Almanac for the full poem and reading.

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