“Letters from Limbo” by Jeanne Marie Beaumont Debuts on Poetry Daily!

CavanKerry Presss author Jeanne Marie Beaumont’s “Letters from Limbo” makes an appearance on Poetry Daily!

Jeanne Marie Beaumont letters from limbo

In Jeanne Marie Beaumont’s book, Letters from Limbo, voices of the dead reach the living through various means, including the titular letters, revealing experiences harrowing and mysterious. Fluent in many modes, the poet commands varied poetic forms both illuminating and celebrating the haunting truth of our unpredictable earthly sojourn as we dwell in metaphorical limbo.

Poetry Daily is an anthology of contemporary poetry. Each day, the website brings new poems from books, magazines, and journals. Read “Letters from Limbo” by Jeanne Marie Beaumont which appeared on Poetry Daily below!

Letters from Limbo

You ask what glories we have access to, being
“excluded from the beatific vision” as defined.

Best is the firmament—barred from heaven
but not the heavens, which open for us

like a colossal jewelry box. I wish I could
show you the odd-pitched graduated ladders

that lift us to great heights of star-gazery.
Up and down we traverse, birdlike in big-

sleeved scholar’s gowns, tailored to trap
breezes and bear us up (we can climb

only half as far without them). To see
our billowing citizenry hung high amid

the heavens, some with telescopes, some with
maps and charts, others with sets of paint,

is to witness a form of rapture, one
in which no body need be left behind.

Read the full “Letters from Limbo” poem on Poetry Daily.

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